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An incursion exploring the exciting world of space for children 5-12 years.

Explore other planets and learn how to look after ours! 

FUN GAMES, TRIVIA & creating ART FROM JUNK – Space stations,astronauts & aliens.

Children make and launch their own rockets. 


This workshop offers more than exploring Space …

it’s also about looking after our planet.

Fun is always the essence of my workshops, and Space! is no exception. As always, I spend months plotting and planning each workshop – with two key things in mind: 

It has to be fun – the kids on holidays after all!
It has to be great for all ages: stimulating enough for the older children, but engaging for the younger ones as well – no mean task! 

So, knowing that all children will be covered, let’s explore why this will be fantastic for your children!

Using the mediums of fun games, music & creativity, children explore the world of Space: the Universe, the Planets and our own planet Earth. We talk about how to repurpose our belongings, and the Pay It Forward concept.

The workshop is in two parts:

In the first half, the children get into their space teams and the games are riotous and fun! 

  • Space Trivia
  • Alien Defence
  • Space Bingo
  • Hot Moon!
  • Dress an Alien (with my wonderful props and materials)
  • Moonwalk Freeze
  • Asteroid Attack
  • Space Science Memory Challenge
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Build your own rocket and blow it into space
  • Introduction to the NASA Kids Club

    In the second half of the workshop children create Art out of Junk.

    I have collected a huge array of ‘junk’ from my local community, (generous, fabulous people). I wanted to offer the children more than the usual Reject shop/Variety Shop purchases, and as a result I have an AMAZING array of resources for the children to stimulate their imaginations and enable them to build space stations, create astronaut/alien figures and lunar landing modules. Computer parts, wood, wire, buttons and much much more.

    This workshop is fast-paced, and creative 2 hours of fun for your children! 

Workshop duration: 90 minutes – 2 hours, depending on number of children

Suitable: 5-12 years

Workshop Fee:

Sydney $13.20 per child  $550 minimum 

Blue Mountains/Central Coast/Wollongong and all other states: $14.30 per child. $550 minimum

Meet JULIE ZOMMERS – THE presenter 

I have been committed to enhacing children’s lives through educational entertainment for 35 years. Small messages, big impact. One child at a time. I love building children’s self esteem.

I offer a stress free incusion. I bring everything with me.

Once you have booked, I will be there. Always on time.  Always delivering what I promise.

Over 2,500 workshops presented to date to OOSH services in NSW, ACT, Victoria & Queensland.

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