The Great Aussie Kids Challenge


This incursion offers a full on fun experience, with  mental and physical challenges for all children 5-12 years!

The Great Aussie Kids Challenge

So, what happens in the workshop?

  • Children are sorted into teams, and wear their team lanyards proudly!
  • An educator is elected to do the scoring
  • A little trivia to tickle the brain cells (kids love this, especially ringing the bell!)
  • Team ball race, the screams are deafening as the children try and win the competition for 100 points
  • Truth or Lie …. their stories and ability to tell lies is hilarious
  • Shark! A game of speed … (earplugs needed!)
  • Sniff test … blindfolded the children sniff and identify what the smell is – this segment is popular
  • The Royal Jewels…. someone defends them, someone tries to steal them … the antics to steal show how innovative children can be! A game of silence
  • Evil Elephant … a game of speed and dodging the Evil Elephant, wins 200 points for the winning team
  • Memory … teams work together to remember 12 items after a 5 second glimpse and they are so competetive!
  • Dance off! I have a great selection of the kids favourites songs, and they love using my microphone to sing along as well, and feel like stars.
  • The winning team is announced! I cannot describe the joy of the winning team!

Beautiful workshop! Julie visited six of our centres in January, and the staff and children loved it. We’ve had Julie visit for years and she never disappoints!

Julie-Ann Ferguson, Kids Capers

Amazing! A great variety of super-fun mental and physical challenges that involved a lot of teamwork. Intentional teaching through fun and games! Every child was involved from beginning to end. Highly recommended.

Nikki & Jess, St Pius OOSH

From the Kids:

Amazing! Winnie 6 yrs
Awesome! Darcey 7 yrs
Soooo interactive! Maja 10 yrs
Best fun in the world! Nearia 7 yrs
Watermelon Delicious! August 7 yrs ūüôā
Fun! Ella, 10 yrs

Best Day Ever! Tom, 10 years old, Randwick

Activities will develop children’s¬† skills in:¬†¬†

  • Team Building
  • Problem Solving
  • Memory
  • Strategy
  • Speed
  • Storytelling & Performance, this workshop is extremely engaging,
  • A blend of Game Show, Team Challenges & Performing.


This workshop is about more than competition. It is about exploring how magnificant we are as multi sensory human beings … with our highly developed senses of touch, smell, sight, memory & speed.

Meet JULIE ZOMMERS РTHE presenter 

I have been committed to enhacing children’s lives through educational entertainment for 35 years. Small messages, big impact. One child at a time. I love building children’s self esteem.

Why you can trust me.

Once you have booked, I will be there. Always on time.  Always delivering what I promise.

Over 2,000 workshops presented to date to OOSH services in NSW, ACT, Victoria & Queensland.

Workshop duration: 90 minutes – 2 hours, depending on number of children

Suitable: 5-12 years

Workshop Fee:

Sydney $13.20 per child  $550 minimum 

Blue Mountains/Central Coast/Wollongong and all other states: $14.30 per child. $550 minimum

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